This is me and my site.
Here I would like to introduce myself as a photographer.

I was born in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg) in 1959. In this city I was graduated the school, pass military service, was graduated LETI, worked in military industry. After military industry was destroyed in Russia, I worked as a programmer. Later I worked in Kryothrm as an engineer and project manager.
I have been based in China since 2011 year. 
I speak Russian, English and a little Chinese languages.

If to tell about photography all it started in Leningrad in 1981 when I was a student at LETI (ETU) and attended course of mountain climbing. I had a half format film camera LOMO-135 with which I shot stunningly beautiful views of the Caucasus Mountains passes. I had photography at heart that time, but not much enough to give up LETI.

I shot very little from about 1988 and until 2001.

In fact, era of photography began for me in 2006. I started shooting in the studio in 2007, and the IStockPhoto started to accept my works in 2009. It is a very strict photo stock company with very high requirements for quality. When my photos began to pass the input control I started to feel like a photographer.

Several people have played an important role in my photo biography:
Vladislav N. Beresnev: The best friend of my father, a photographer and mechanic with golden hands. I received a lens 210mm for Zenit TTL as a gift from him once that time.
Yougen (Youxuan 幽玄): an artist and designer from Kumertau (Bashkortostan), who is able to do any work perfectly. She helped me to learn how evaluate my photos objectively and gave a lot of art councils, support and appreciation.
Lena Aleksandrova: my first and favorite model, for the first time I saw in her eyes in the photograph a lot more than one can see in the real life.