For customers:

We suggest following type of shooting:

  • Oject and AD photo.
  • fashion
  • Art Portrait
  • Interior photography for apartment and office decoration. We produce the image with canvas printing size up to 100X85sm.
  • The family photo
  • The models and personal portfolio.
  • Landscape photography with GPS and route information in EXIF and KML.
  • Foods images for restaurant.

The shooting produced in:

  • Studio,
  • Location
  • Apartments
  • Free air

Results of shooting can be submitted in electronic form, the form of printed materials on paper, printed on canvas.

For models:

We invite models to participate in art and commercial projects. You must first go through an interview and / or mini-trial session. Please contact me for details.

With model signed release (Ru) , release (En) , release (Chinese) .

Commercial shooting with the full financial compensation for all costs.
Shooting with the compensation of transportation costs.
Shooting under TF * condition.

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